JK Burnett’s house – now Pioneer Cottage

John Kerle Burnett built this house c1882 when he was manager of Campbell’s sugar mill nearby. South Sea Islanders and indigenous people were the major workforce in the sugar industry.

JK Burnett’s land extended to the east. the camp or village of South Sea Islanders and Indigenous people was on that part of the Burnett’s land (east of Ballinger Road) and the area – known as the Blacks camp – extended into adjoining land to the south (owned by Joseph Dixon) and to the north.

Mrs Burnett was good friends with the South Sea Islander – Indigenous community. In 1919, when the Spanish influenza pandemic hit Buderim, Mrs Burnett nursed the community.

“These two vases were presented to Mrs Ann Burnett by the Kanaka community to gratefully acknowledge her help and support”